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Resources & IT

Work Proposal Development:

Integrated work team customized to suit the client´s needs: Direct contact, personalized attention and complete monitoring of the operation.


End-to-end system for Custom Operation: operational and accounting  (Mymtec-Dux)(Anexo II)


Emails platform hosted on Google.


Modular IT Rack, hosting: IBM server, switch 100/1000 Mbps, load balancers routers, modems from two suppliers with fixed IP (Iplan y Metrotel), stabilized with UPS APC.


We rely on Three Maria System providers: CME, Alpha2000 y LaserTech.

Laptops units for effective on-line

tracking of loads.


Permanent personnel on custom areas: Providing personalized support on custom operation, ensuring legal compliance

for each operation.


Availability of resources for alignment trip: with logistic providers from foreign countries in order to assure the correct completion of the international process.

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